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Golf Fitness Training for more explosive swing speed, power and distance!

GOLFERS! This video reveals...

How to increase swing SPEED for explosive POWER and game-changing DISTANCE with improved ball-striking consistency and accuracy in '30-days' or less... 100% GUARANTEED!  

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What You're Getting...

The SUPER POWER GOLF Training System eBook


Get immediate access to the SUPER POWER GOLF Training System 75-page digital eBook.  Includes a 4-week, step-by-step, progression of full-color digital images and HD video golf fitness exercise and swing drill instructions to promote accelerated swing speed, explosive power and improved distance in your game.   

The SUPER POWER GOLF Training System


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'5' FREE Bonus Products


Take advantage of this special, limited time, 5-FREE Bonus Product offer. Included in this bonus package:

  1. Warm-Up to Win: Pre-Golf Warm-Up Exercise Guide... 11 pg digital eBook
  2. The Complete Guide for How to Practice Golf... 7 pg digital eBook  
  3. Golf Mastery: The Inner Workings of Reaching Your Peak Golf Performance... 129 pg digital eBook
  4. The MIND-BODY-SWING Golf Mental Game Coaching Series: 3-session 'custom' golf mental and total golf performance coaching series with Dr. Paul Callaway
  5. The 1% Club Membership Program: 1-month 'FREE' trial membership.


Kevin Andjulis, Elk Grove Village, IL


"Thanks SUPER POWER GOLF! I'm consistently crushing 285 yard drives now with ease and I'm confident that I'll be breaking the 300 yard mark very soon! I've never had this kind of swing speed, power and distance in my game. I highly recommend this training system to any golfer who needs to hit it longer!"

Beth L. Myrtle Beach, SC


“I knew I needed to get stronger if I was ever going to hit my driver any farther than my 5 iron. So when I discovered the SUPER POWER GOLF Training System I got excited. This training program is simple and really fun to do. It's shown me how to quickly and easily gain the extra ‘golf’ strength I was looking for.  And, my confidence about my game has improved by leaps and bounds. I'm now hitting my driver 45 yards longer!"

Gordon M., Bend, OR


“The SUPER POWER GOLF Training System proves that you ‘can’ teach an old dog new tricks.  I've added 35 yards to my driver striking the ball more solidly and with much better accuracy. I'm '77’ years old and can now ‘consistently’ shoot my age!"   



The SUPER POWER GOLF Training System...

The revolutionary total golf performance training system that will end your frustration by helping you quickly and easily:

  • Accelerate  your swing
  • Maximize your power
  • Gain massive distance 


Learn How to 'Explode' Laser-Straight Drives...

STOP being a 'short' hitter... and start feeling the exhilaration of what it's like to pound your drives 30+ yards longer than everyone else in your foursome... EVERY TIME! 


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Now's the time to let go any 'old' world methods you've been taught and start following the highly-efficient and most-effective speed and power training system taught by the '1st' golf fitness training expert of the pros... 

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